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NIC Advises Drivers Against Unlicensed Insurance Operators

National Insurance Commission (NIC), has issued a word of advice to drivers to desist from doing business with unlicensed insurance agents who sell insurance premiums to them on the market.

Mrs Emma Ocran, Director of Legal Service, NIC speaking at a public education forum for drivers at cape coast in the central region has said, drivers must beware of people who posed as insurance agents without licence and sell fake policies.

“NIC certifies both the insurance company and their agents, so anytime you are buying an insurance policy from an agent, request for his/her NIC identification to be sure that he is not a fake operator or an imposter,” she said. She also advised drivers to make sure that their documents such as drivers as well as insurance certification licence are always accurate because it is highly impossible to process their claim without them.

The central regional chairman of the Ghana Private Road Transport Union (GPRTU), Ignatius Mensah, issued profound appreciation to the NIC for the education offered them and further called for the creation of a NIC office at the Central Region.

“Now, I know better and I will encourage all of you my colleague drivers in the union to be abreast with insurance agents and policies before purchasing them because these policies would determine the claims we make,” he said.

Mrs Ocran added that, the insurance certificate which most drivers fail to return for was more important than the insurance stickers that was pasted on their cars hence they should always endeavour to go back for their insurance certificate.

“the cover notes given to you when you insure your vehicles are only temporal and you must return for your certificates. The cover note is only valid for 30 days,” she concluded.



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