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Patience Akyianu Appointed Group CEO Of Hollard Ghana

Hollard Ghana Holdings Limited has appointed Mrs. Patience Akyianu as its new Group Chief Executive Officer. Mrs Akyianu recently resigned from Barclays Bank Ghana but expected to continue until 30th September 2018.

“It gives us great pleasure to announce that Mrs Patience Akyianu has been appointed as the Group Chief Executive Officer of Hollard Ghana Holdings Limited, to lead our insurance operations in Ghana and drive new strategies for the General and Life Insurance companies.

Patience will join the team in October 2018 and we are extremely excited to have someone of her calibre and experience to lead our highly skilled teams on an exciting new growth path. We believe that she will add significant value in achieving our vision and goals,” a statement from Hollard said.

Mrs Akyianu is joining Hollard from Barclays Bank Ghana where she worked as the Managing Director for five years. She was the Finance Director of Barclays Bank Ghana before her elevation. Prior to joining Barclays Bank Ghana, Patience was the Chief Finance Officer of Standard Chartered Bank of South Africa.

She has over 17 years’ experience in the banking industry. She has a track record of building high performing teams and has the passion for excellent customer service.

“Our philosophy at Hollard has always been to empower experts who understand the local context to manage the businesses.

We believe that Patience is an excellent addition to the team. Daniel Boi Addo, the Managing Director of Hollard Insurance Ghana and Iddrisu Nashiru, the Managing Director of Hollard Life Assurance Ghana, will both report directly to Patience,” the statement added.

Hollard International’s vision is to aggressively grow its insurance businesses in Ghana and will do so by creating dynamic, consumer-oriented insurance solutions that meet the needs of all Ghanaians.

Hollard Insurance Ghana, formerly called Metropolitan Insurance Company (MET) which operated successfully in Ghana for the past 25 years, until it was rebranded as Hollard Insurance Ghana in 2015 and Hollard Life Assurance Ghana, which will begin trading in July 2018, will both be subsidiaries of Hollard Ghana Holdings.

This holding structure will allow for operational efficiencies and shared services between the two licenses.



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