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MiLife Insurance Holds 7th Annual Conference

MiLife Insurance has held its 7th Annual Conference for its Financial Advisors across the country at Elmina in the Central Region.The conference was attended by 60 participants and was on the theme ‘Making life Insurance simple and accessible, the role of the financial advisor’.

Speaking at the conference, Kwaku Yeboah-Asuamah-Chief Executive Officer of MiLife Insurance, advised Financial Advisors to play their roles effectively and efficiently and not to serve as sales persons.

“As a Financial Advisor, listen to people, provide them with solutions and lead them to choose products or services that serve their situation,” he said.According to him, MiLife is ready to change the face of insurance in the country by making it simple and understandable to the public.

He announced that the company will introduce two new products within the year which are based on research: these products are what the customers are looking for to make their lives better.

“Today, we are rewarding six of our Financial Advisors who worked harder within the year; and as part of their package, they will be travelling to Germany and the Netherlands for holidays,” he said.

Mr. Wilson Tei, National President of the Insurance Awareness Coordinators Group, urged Financial Advisors to remain relevant on the job market and improve upon their skills.

“Develop your own template of communicating to clients; let the public understand insurance very well and they will be hooked to it. Do your best to maintain your clients,” he advised.

Also, he pointed out that Financial Advisors are to help find solutions for the problems of their clients and put them at ease; and use their tools to arouse the clients’ emotions by painting a good picture that will show their products as vital.

“Do not let people buy your product out of sympathy, let people appreciate that you are doing them a favour. I would advise that you provide products tailored to meet your customers’ need,” he added.

He stated further: “Do not over promise, do not lie; manage expectations and sell products that are useful to people. Growing life insurance is applying the right remedy.

“Explain legalities in a policy document, explain the jargons and warranties and let clients build confidence in you at all times.”


Author: Juliet Aguiar Dugbartey, Elmina

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