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The Thoroughbred Ladies - A Show Case Of Women In Executive Positions Within The Enterprise Group

Enterprise group has showcased an impressive array of powerful women driving the various subsidiaries within it, as part of the celebration of the International Women's Day #IWD2019 under the global theme Balance For Better.

EGL Chose a 'Cover Girl' Theme to showcase the women who take key decisions that affect the insurance industry, and at the individual level, thousands of families, be it clients or employees.

The eleven powerful women under the spotlight ranged from Managing Directors to Assistant General Managers in their various subsidiaries. Out of the four companies that currently make the group, two of them are headed by women, with the Enterprise Insurance having more women than men in their Executive committee, the highest decision making body in the company. Other Key positions held by women include the Group Head of HR, Head of Legal, and Head Of Communications and Synergies

Enterprise Group has over the years distinguished itself as a business entity that gives equal opportunities to their female employees, putting no impediments in their path to self actualization and career growth. It has consistently placed emphasis on result-orientation and professionalism as a means to career progression.

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