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Ghana To Host Global Insurance Conference In 2020

The Commissioner of Insurance, Justice Yaw Ofori has inaugurated a 12 member local organizing committee that will see to the successful hosting of the 22nd edition of the Association of Insurers and Reinsurers of Developing Countries (AIRDC) and the Association of Insurance Supervisory Authorities of Developing Countries in Accra in 2020.

The LOC members have been strategically elected, cutting through all sectors of the Insurance Industry. The members are; Elizabeth Wyns-Dogbe, Managing Director of SIC Life who is currently – Vice President of AIRDC. The rest are, Albert Wilson – Head of Marketing, SIC Life, Nana Yaw Mantey – Corporate Affairs Manager – SIC General.

The rest are – Jonathan Kwakye – Ghana Reinsurance Company, Jason Atike – Administrator – Ghana Insurance Brokers Association (GIBA), Ellias Agamba – Finance Manager – Ghana Insurance College (GIC), Daniella Djangba – Administrator – Chartered Insurance Institute of Ghana (CIIG), Dr. Richard Reichmann – President, National Association of Insurance Agent, Josephine Dossah – Chief Marketing Officer , Quality Life Assurance Company and President – Chartered Insurance Ladies Association (CILA), Peter Prince Quayson – Ghana Insurers Association (GIA), Kojo Ghunney – Public Relations Officer – National Insurance Commission and George Quayson Otoo – Finance Manager, NIC.

While addressing members of the LOC, the Commissioner of Insurance said terms of reference for the AIRDC 2020 will include finding out topics for the market in hosting an International Conference of that nature among other things.

AIRDC is an international association formed in 1977 with its secretariat located in the Philippines. Its guiding principle is to extend international cooperation in insurance and reinsurance and strengthen the insurance market in developing market countries.

On the other hand, the AISADC aims to take measure to assist and strengthen mutual understanding and cooperation among its members, and assist any developing country in establishing and strengthening insurance supervision.

The Board of Trustee includes members from Ghana, Zimbabwe, Sri Lanka, Belize, Nepal and Bahrain. At the 2018 International Conference held in Kathmandu, Nepal, Ghana won bid to host the 2020 Conference in September.

This is the first of its kind in Ghana, and the third in Africa after Kenya and Nigeria

The Vice President of the AIRDC is Elizabeth Wyns-Dogbe C.E.O of SIC Life and is a sacrificial job aimed at promoting the insurance education in developing countries.

The AIRDC since 1994 s approached the Commission for Membership and participation in the programs but for past five years the Ghanaian market have participated well in their conferences in Zimbabwe, Seychelles, Bahrain and Nepal recently.

It was as a result of this that they gave the opportunity to the Ghanaian industry to host the 2020 conference and the success of the conference depends largely on practitioners from Ghana.


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