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Implementation Of The Motor Insurance Database (MID)- NIC Press Release

The National Insurance Commission has issued a Press Release, detailing the modalities for the implementation of the New Motor Insurance Database (MID), and its subsequent withdrawal of all manual motor stickers from the system.

The NIC spelled out, in their release, what to look out for when you buy a motor insurance from your insurer through the new digital platform. After the purchase of a Motor Policy, there is a confirmatory text that confirms the authenticity of the cover. It will come from the National Insurance Commission.

When a member of the public is not sure if the car they are about to board, or drive is insured, they can verify through the use of a USSD Code (*920*57#). This will pull out specific information about the vehicle, the insurer and the cover period. It will also come from the Commission.

Members of the public can also scan the electronically generated sticker of the vehicle with a QR Code scanner/Reader, and it will pull out the details of the cover.

The NIC is working with all stakeholders nationwide, including but not limited to the MTTD and DVLA to ensure that the implementation of the MID is smooth. It is also advising the insuring public to reject any manual sticker (the old insurance stickers), issued after the 20th January 2020, as it has withdrawn them from the public, and therefore becomes illegal to display them.

The implementation of the MID is expected to put to rest the prevailing menace of fake insurance stickers and the insurance industry canker of premium undercutting.

Kindly find the Press Release below for your attention

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