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August Is Hollard Insurance Month On GMABC

Global Media Alliance Broadcasting Company (GMABC), parent company of three pace-setting giants in the Ghanaian broadcasting space – YFM (Accra, Kumasi & Takoradi), Happy98.9FM and e.TV Ghana – in partnership with Ghana’s favourite Insurance group, Hollard Ghana, has officially set the month of August as ‘Hollard Insurance Month’.

‘Hollard Insurance Month’ will provide a platform for the general public to learn about Insurance in its entirety. Experts will have in-depth discussions with resource persons on all issues that border on Insurance; like general insurance, life insurance, insurance claims among others. This forms part of the company’s themed month series that started earlier this year.

Speaking to Brown Berry on ‘Ryse and Shyne’, the Director of GMABC, Timothy Karikari, explained the rationale behind designating the entire month of August as ‘Hollard Insurance Month’.

“You need to cover your risk; at GMABC we want to use our platform to educate our listeners to know about risk and insurance. Audiences across Ghana listening to us on YFM Accra, Kumasi and Takoradi, and watching us on e.TV Ghana, by the end of August will know what risk is, and where and why everyone needs insurance.

“The penetration rate of insurance (2%) in Ghana is very low. So, Hollard decided to join us and advise Ghanaians to understand and promote insurance in the country. The listeners will be educated to understand insurance, the risks and all things insurance on the various GMABC platforms. Listen throughout the day for tips on insurance month,” he stated.

Cynthia Ofori-Dwumfuo, Group Head-Marketing and Corporate Affairs of Hollard Ghana, on her part expressed optimism for the insurance-themed month initiative.

“At Hollard Ghana, insurance is more than just business. We understand its value as a social good and an enabler of wellbeing. That is why our company’s purpose as the country’s favourite insurer is to enable more people to create and secure a better future. Everything we do is tailored toward achieving that goal.

“By headlining GMABC’s laudable Insurance Month initiative, we are helping to demystify insurance to the young and young at heart. The better informed they are, the more they can make sound financial decisions regarding uncertainties and risks – ultimately increasing insurance penetration in Ghana,” she said.

She also explained how their rich experience in the insurance space of Ghana gives them an edge. “We have a deep local knowledge of the market from our previous 25 years as Metropolitan Insurance, and the world-class expertise of an international insurance brand.

“So, we know that life is not about what could go wrong but what could go right with the right insurance cover. We are delighted with the opportunity to share resources and insights from our insurance businesses, Hollard Insurance and Hollard Life Assurance, over the month of August on GMABC platforms. We look forward to it and thank the company for the opportunity.”

Chief Director of Global Media Alliance Group (GMA), Emma Wenani, adding her voice to the importance of insurance – especially to the youth, said: “In your 20s, you are young and without many responsibilities or dependents. As you get older, your responsibilities increase and it’s always important to plan for your future and be prepared for possible bumps on the roads, delays, and misfortunes.

“That is where insurance comes in, to cushion you during the bumpy rides that life may present. We are happy to partner Hollard Ghana for our Insurance month as they educate our audience on everything insurance.”

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